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Sat Mar 6
12:28 pm


All three churches have one or more housegroups, where people can meet in a more informal setting to share fellowship, and pray or study together. These groups are quite dynamic so do feel free to contact any one of them that appeals to you.


At St Paul’s we have “the Tuesday Group”. This group meets on a Tuesday evening at each other’s homes. The sessions usually take the form of some time to exchange news, a time for prayer, a short study of some kind, followed by refreshments. Sometimes there are purely social evenings and occasionally excursions are arranged. 


Additionally, at St Paul’s we are looking to form new groups whose format and frequency would be determined by the members. 

One such group has recently started up. Provisionally called 'the Thursday Group' it meets at a member's home on a Thursday afternoon at 13:00. Currently the group exchanges news, takes time for prayer and follows a study course, aiming to finish at 15:00.

Potentially a second group could form, meeting in the evening after work.


These groups are open to anyone, whether or not they are members of the St Paul's congregation.


For more information about any of these groups, contact Colin Weedon on 0118-979-1156 or


At St Nick’s there are three such groups:

“Ann’s Group” – Meets to share fellowship, support and prayer.


“The Emm Group” – Meets for Bible study and discussion.


“The Lowther Group” – Meets for discussions on a wide range of topics. The topics

generally are on ethics and morality, as viewed from a Christian point of view.


The groups usually meet once a month in the home of one of the members. For more details contact Liz Gallagher at 


At Woosehill there are two groups. Each meets fortnightly, one on a Monday evening, the other on a Wednesday. Again, the meetings are held at members’ homes at 8pm. For more details contact Geoff Peck at