St Paul's Parish Wokingham


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Tue Mar 2
8:22 pm

Worship in the Parish

Sunday Morning

8.00am - Low Mass

9.30am - Parish Mass at Saint Paul's

10.00am - Woosehill Church

11:00am - Family Communion at St Nicholas'

Please check the Service Calendar for any late alterations to the services

Mary and Jesus

Daily Worship and Prayer

Wednesday          House Mass - 10.30am

Thursday              9.30am 

Saturday              9.30am - Preceded by The Rosary at 9.00am

Morning Prayer is at 8:30am Daily


Sunday Evening Worship and Prayer

First Week          6.15pm Solemn Evensong and Benediction

Second Week      6.15pm Liturgy for Healing and Wholeness

Third Week         6.15pm Choral Evensong

Fourth Week       6.15pm Evening Prayer

Fifth Week          6.15pm Evening Prayer